Piha 1967 watercolour & ink

Piha – drawn to the beach

Piha on the rugged west coast of Auckland is a significant place in Douglas MacDiarmid’s New Zealand story. This picturesque spot is the country’s most famous surf beach. Not only a black sand shore but a dramatic seascape dominated by Lion Rock, an ever-changing scene that commanded attention as much as the surfers challenging the
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This painting is not an authentic artwork by Douglas MacDiarmid.

Fraudulent artwork – a cautionary tale

A cautionary tale: Recently we were alerted to this painting on ebay, claiming to be a signed 1965 Douglas MacDiarmid collage. Not so. The American trader acting for the seller very responsibly took it down when told it was not a real one. The internet is rife with fakes and forgeries…research, take advice, be careful
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Douglas MacDiarmid's childhood cat Jeremy c1930s

Time out of mind – a poem by Douglas MacDiarmid (2018)

TIME OUT OF MIND SPRING dimly expected. SPRUNG he landed on my left arm, for ever, & snuggled in for a cuddle, JEREMY, black cat of childhood, loved, loving, hunted, hounded yet forgiving us two barbarous, javelin-armed young brothers our clumsy, intended torments. Presumably the nightly compensation sufficed, for, cradling the cat in his arms,
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A childhood home in Taihape

This is the house where it all began. Douglas MacDiarmid was born on 14 November 1922 in an upstairs bedroom of the MacDiarmid family home at 24 Huia Street, Taihape. It remained his room into adulthood, a haven of vivid imaginings and fertile dreams in which many a boyish prank was also hatched. Taihape is
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Bloomsbury South The Arts in Christchurch 1933-1953 by Peter Simpson. Published by Auckland University Press, 2016

Setting the scene: Bloomsbury South The Arts in Christchurch 1933-1953

Peter Simpson’s latest publication, the impressive literary history Bloomsbury South The Arts in Christchurch 1933-1953 is a book that was waiting to be written. This generous, scholarly 353-page read, published by Auckland University Press in 2016, documents a Christchurch that disappeared long before the devastating earthquakes changed the face of the city forever. One that
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Life and Times of Douglas MacDiarmid biography

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