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The notion of capturing Douglas MacDiarmid’s diverse work in print surfaced way back in 1990. And who better to do so than his dear friend Dr Nelly Finet. Nelly knew and understood his painting, the underlying influences and philosophies, more acutely than anyone else. Her family was his family in France, she had grown up
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Introducing the MacDiarmid Arts Trust

Now well into his nineties and in frail health, Douglas MacDiarmid has passed responsibility to protect and preserve his creative vision over to younger family members. This is done through the MacDiarmid Arts Trust, a New Zealand registered not-for-profit trust, established in 2016 by three direct descendants with legal sanction to manage Douglas’ interests as

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What is Art supposed to do?

A commentary by Douglas MacDiarmid commissioned for the first edition of Ascent – A Journal of the Arts in New Zealand, published by Caxton Press in November 1967. This article elaborates on the freedom of the imagination, concentrating on freedom of expression and the initial effort required for contemporary achievement in New Zealand… - What
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Red Queen 2011…faster! FASTER!!

What sort of a Red Queen does Douglas MacDiarmid have in mind? Well, the most insistent literary figure, of course. The Red Queen was a malevolent force in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 classical fantasy novel Through the Looking Glass, in which some of the characters are based on playing cards & chess pieces. Her wild eyes
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Helen Hitchings – trailblazer, muse, steadfast friend

Several Helens have figured in Douglas MacDiarmid’s life, but none more so than Helen Hitchings, who today is still regarded as one of New Zealand’s most influential cultural pioneers. She was certainly instrumental in furthering Douglas’ career, in ways that are not widely known. The tall, dark haired, angular artist and traveller and the vivaciously
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Life and Times of Douglas MacDiarmid biography
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