Douglas MacDiarmid photomontage for 96th birthday. See photos and descriptions at

Douglas MacDiarmid turns 96

November is major birthday month in the rue Cavallotti household, with Douglas MacDiarmid delighted to turn 96 on the 14th of the month, and his partner Patrick celebrating his 87th milestone a fortnight later on the 29th. Ninety-six is indeed a time of quiet reflection on a life well led, but what a week of well-wishings
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A message from Douglas MacDiarmid in Paris

Video message from Douglas MacDiarmid about writing his biography

Here is a video message from New Zealand expatriate painter Douglas MacDiarmid about the process of writing his biography Colours of a Life with his biographer and niece Anna Cahill. Recorded in Paris in May 2018, this message captured the attention of those who attended the book launches in Wellington and Auckland in July 2018.
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A Stranger Everywhere – a film about Douglas MacDiarmid by Eric Grinda (2006)

A Stranger Everywhere – a film by Eric Grinda (2006)

A Stranger Everywhere is a documentary about Douglas MacDiarmid and his views on society. Filmed in 2006, when Douglas was 84 years old, the film explains in a philosophical but simple way how everything in life is interconnected. MacDiarmid describes 10 important issues that surround our existence: beliefs, conflict, communication, progress, respect, ambition, responsibility, tradition, time compression,
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TIME XII: Contemporary Manipulated Anger 1982

Synaesthesia – the power of words

The opening page of Douglas MacDiarmid’s biography ‘Colours of a Life’ reveals that he has always seen things in colour – even the days of the week. It turns out there is a name for this state of being: synaesthesia…a neurological trait or condition that results in a joining or merging of senses that aren't
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Art News New Zealand Spring 2018

Book Review: Art News New Zealand

Tremendous book reviews of ‘Colours of a Life: The life and times of Douglas MacDiarmid’ continue to appear in New Zealand publications now and then, including this recent appraisal in New Zealand’s largest art publication. Here is what the Spring 2018 edition of Art News New Zealand had to say about the biography: "In his foreword, Leonard
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Life and Times of Douglas MacDiarmid biography
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