La Seine à Paris 2005

This jubilant look at Douglas MacDiarmids' adopted city harks back to his first view over Paris. The first painting he made there in 1947, almost on day one, was a sweeping river and cityscape from the top of one of the towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral when he climbed to the highest vantage point to claim the vista as
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The ultimate painterly tribute

Every now and then, a justly life-affirming moment comes along. This is one of them… Art has a serendipitous knack of bridging generations and creative streams. For an aged, living painter such as Douglas MacDiarmid, being acknowledged as a contemporary inspiration in this out-of-sight, out-of-mind world comes as a glorious surprise. Simply mana for the
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Charles Brasch and the Landfall connection

From his earliest days as a university student in Christchurch, Douglas MacDiarmid fostered a wide circle of influential older friends he kept in touch with throughout their lives. None more so than New Zealand poet and publishing legend Charles Brasch, who was always piercingly honest in his appraisal of Douglas’ paintings and poetry. They became
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La Condition Humaine 2008

This vivid hot-air balloon scene has become one of Douglas MacDiarmid’s most familiar and evocative paintings. Not only is it the cover image of his biography ‘Colours of a Life: The life and times of Douglas MacDiarmid but it tells a lot about his life, work and interests. And, since it was painted, the back
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Portrait of Constance Sochachewsky 1948

This mesmerising face is a luminous memory mark of Douglas MacDiarmid’s post-war days in London. One of his best-known early paintings, Portrait of Constance Sochachewsky, wife of Maurice Sochachewsky 1948 depicts a much-loved friend who breathed vitality and high spirits into the young artist’s experience of the cold, often cheerless city of food rationing and broken
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Life and Times of Douglas MacDiarmid biography
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