Temple & Terrorist 2005

In Douglas MacDiarmid's, early years, before the influx of mass tourism and package tours, he travelled footloose and free to see the treasures of the ancient world and spectacular landscapes unsullied by crowds. The world was generally a safer, more hospitable place. There is a long history of terrorism in Europe, dating back over centuries.
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Hong Kong 2011

Hong Kong 2011

This woman is the personification of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in modern day China, where old tradition blends with Western culture. Douglas MacDiarmid's great friend Eric Grinda, a film maker who made a documentary on MacDiarmid's life, work and beliefs called "A Stranger Everywhere’ in 2006, moved from Paris to Hong Kong a
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Metro 1979 Quai de la Rapee by Douglas MacDiarmid www.douglasmacdiarmid.com

Metro (Quai de la Rapée) 1979

At first glance this is a train carriage at one of the few above-ground subway stations in Paris, but don’t assume that is all this painting has to say for Douglas MacDiarmid is a master of the unforeseen. Look closer and you will see a mythical drama of grand proportions playing out on the platform.
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Horse and cart holiday 1947

Douglas MacDiarmid has always been an individual with a flair for the unexpected. In 1946, the war over, he wanted a change, something cleansing. Obviously, a gipsy escapade was in order, with his Christchurch landlady Blanche Harding, and her young son Buddy in tow. As he recalled more than 50 years later: “Next came an
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Ceylon V 1973

In January 1973 Douglas MacDiarmid toured and sketched around Ceylon at the very time the island nation was leaving the Commonwealth to become the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. He travelled extensively with a group of French students he encountered there and stayed with an old friend working for the international Red Cross organisation.
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