Horse and cart holiday 1947

Douglas MacDiarmid has always been an individual with a flair for the unexpected. In 1946, the war over, he wanted a change, something cleansing. Obviously, a gipsy escapade was in order, with his Christchurch landlady Blanche Harding, and her young son Buddy in tow. As he recalled more than 50 years later: “Next came an
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Ceylon V 1973

In January 1973 Douglas MacDiarmid toured and sketched around Ceylon at the very time the island nation was leaving the Commonwealth to become the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. He travelled extensively with a group of French students he encountered there and stayed with an old friend working for the international Red Cross organisation.
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Still Life with Village Landscape

One of Douglas MacDiarmid’s early 1960s works looking out over a church steeple in a French mountain village that is probably in the Alpes Maritimes region, the high country behind Cannes and Nice in the south of France. The drawing is being offered in the International Art Centre’s Important and Rare Art catalogue, for auction
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Portugal II 1965

Douglas MacDiarmid has holidayed in Portugal on a number of occasions. On his first trip, in July 1965, he was charmed by the people, but didn’t find very much he wanted to paint. However, he did make a series of sketches of traditional Portuguese fishing boats with their high curved prow and stern, and later
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Girl in a Chair at Night 1947 (London) by Douglas MacDiarmid. Oil on canvas, 32 x 21cm.

Girl in a Chair at Night 1947

Girl in a Chair at Night 1947 is an early gem from Douglas MacDiarmid and a portrait of his Polish lover Danuta, a war refugee he met in London during his first overseas trip in 1946-47. During this time, MacDiarmid painted by day and taught conversational English to foreign students at night classes, including a group of
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Life and Times of Douglas MacDiarmid biography
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